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WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DOSaudi Cable Company (SCC) provides world-class cable products, services and complete turnkey solutions for energy and telecoms networks globally.From design and engineering to manufacturing; from installation and testing to commissioning, our commitment to quality and people has made us one of the Top-10 producers of power and telecommunication products in the world today. OUR GROUPThe SCC Group is driven by one goal – the need to satisfy today’s demands for power and telecommunications systems.This single-minded focus means we’ve long been the Middle East’s foremost provider of technologically advanced solutions and services, globally recognised for our excellence in product design and engineering. Since our inception in 1975, governmental agencies, public utilities and private-sector clients the world over have benefited from the quality of our products and our ability to deliver world-class total solutions.The Group now consists of 4 companies, each contributing innovative approaches and specialised solutions for our customers. MASS PROJECTSREAD MOREELIMSANREAD MOREDEMIRER KABLOREAD MOREMIDAL CABLES LTD.READ MOREMESSAGE FROM OUR GROUP PRESIDENTSCC has been the market leader for the last 43+ years. After this long journey, and lots of success with few bumps, we are proud to say: All over the Kingdome SCC name is Matchless.

SCC has gain the trust of all different customers through two main pivots :
First : Expert team, with deep technical knowledge, dedication and devotion to Excellence.
Second: High quality, innovative, cutting edge, safe and reliable Products.

Until now SCC is the market’s benchmark and first choice, the leader and the teacher, the pride of cable industry in KSA.
In local electrical market down town , traders still use SCC coil weight to measure other manufacturers products !! This shows how SCC name is priceless and trustworthy.
SCC believes in partnerships in building long term relationships with our customers , suppliers and Our employees with focused commitment  to our Customers goals, Supplier interest  and the career and life goals of our employees. We believe in professionalism with core values of honesty and strong work ethic. We desire to be the best, with a commitment to quality, responsiveness and resourcefulness to our Customers, Suppliers and employeesEng. Abdulhadi A. Abulkhair                         SCC Group President